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Friday, November 30, 2012

DIY Hot Cocoa Jar Gifts

I wanted to do something that was easy and fun for me to make with my daughter for her teacher, and friends gifts for the the Holidays. I have always loved all the desserts in a jar so I started searching and found lots of hot cocoa idea in a jar and thought that would be a simply and fun gift idea that we could do together. I thought about making our own Hot Cocoa mix but instead i decided to take the quick and easy route and buy the hot cocoa mix at our grocery store. So here is everything you will need.

Items you will Need:
 Hot Cocoa Mix ( you can buy or make your own)
1 bag small Marshmallows
1 bag Mini Chocolate Chips
small Mason Jars
Cupcake Liners
Gift Tags

 First I cut my gift tags out and had them all ready to use.

 Then  I added my chocolate using a funnel. I tried just scooping the chocolate in the jars and it mae a powdery dust all over the jars inside and I wanted a nice clean look between all the layers. So the funnel really helped that.

 Once I had a little over half of my jar filler with the Hot Cocoa mix i added the Mini Chocolate chips.  I tried to just add them around the outside of the jar instead of dumping them in. I thought that might be a little too much chocolate to I just let them slide down my hand and filled the outside part of the jar.  Leaving the middle of the jar with no chocolate chips. ( see below picture)

 Now you are ready to fill your jar up to the top with your marshmallows. Leaving a little bit of room for the lid.

  I put the flat part of the lid on top of the jar. the I added The Printed Cupcake Liner over the siver lid to give it a bit more fun and design.  I then screwed on the outer part of the jar to secure the lid and the liner together.

 Now you are ready to add your ribbon and gift tag around your jar.

 Here is the finished Hot Cocoa Gift! 

And of coarse we had to make ourselves some Hot Cocoa. So good loved the added mini chocolate chips made it extra chocolatey my kids loved it :-)  Enjoy!!

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